Name: Teja Zeribi

Major: Cellular and Molecular Biology, Spanish

What courses do you tutor?

While I primarily tutor calculus students, I also tutor in biopsychology, some biology courses, some chemistry courses, and Spanish courses! 

How long have you been tutoring?

Just this past semester! I originally planned to do a couple hours a week, but found that I really loved it and wanted to do it more. 

What is your CRLA Tutor Certification Level?

I am currently training for level 1! 

How have you represented Northeastern Peer Tutoring on Knack?

I have done a lot of peer tutoring through knack, tutoring over 30 students just this past semester! 

How has Peer Tutoring impacted you?

I first came to peer tutoring after absolutely failing my first organic chemistry test. I was feeling distraught and wondering if I should drop the course, but I found a tutor who I really connected with. She made me believe I could do well in Orgo and that I was smart enough to not only pass the course, but really succeed in it. After receiving less than a 60% on my first midterm, I got an 85% on my second midterm. Without her, I think I might have dropped orgo, and thus given up on my dream of becoming a doctor. I truly believe in Northeastern’s peer tutoring program and hope to make the same impact on other students, who like me, don’t think they can do something they really want. In the past few weeks, I have formed meaningful relationships with my students, who are proving to be tenacious and hardworking, and that they can accomplish what they really want. 

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