Find a Peer Tutor

Northeastern Peer Tutors on the Knack Platform

Starting in fall 2023, the peer tutoring services at Northeastern University will be offered via Knack – a leading peer tutoring platform enabling our undergraduate students from across the Northeastern global network to learn from one another. All Northeastern peer–to–peer tutoring services offered on the Knack platform will be FREE to undergraduate students currently enrolled in courses seeking tutoring assistance.  

We’re excited to add Knack as a resource to support student’s academic success through the support of their Northeastern peers. For questions about Northeastern Peer Tutoring on Knack you can reach out at

Northeastern Peer Tutors on Knack are fellow students who have previously aced the courses they offer assistance in; tutoring is completely free, and sessions can take place in person or online depending on your location. To view available tutors, visit and sign in with your student account.

How it Works

  1. Sign up for Knack with your Northeastern email address at 
  2. Submit a tutoring request for any course you are currently enrolled and need tutoring assistance, and include comments about what you would like to cover in your session
  3. Select your tutor and schedule a session 
  4. Meet with your tutor in person (when available) or online on the Knack platform!


Please reach out to Knack’s Student Success Team via the platform’s live chat, or email directly.