Application and Hiring Process

Application Process

  1. Sign up using the “Tutor with Knack” link at 
  2. Upload your Transcript 
  3. Enter your preferred courses 
  4. Enter information necessary for payment as a 1099 contractor: International Students: See information on tutoring as a non-U.S. citizen.   
  5. Complete Knack’s 2-hour paid tutor training before being activated as a Northeastern peer tutor on Knack
  6. Within 24-hours of completing tutor training, Knack will activate your approved courses

Hiring Process

Northeastern Peer Tutors on Knack will be hired by Knack as 1099 independent contractors. However, Northeastern Peer Tutoring on Knack has been listed as an on-campus employment, so all Northeastern peer tutors working on Knack have to comply with the federal regulations for student employees not to exceed the maximum of 20 hours per week for all on-campus jobs combined. We will be monitoring tutors working hours on Knack on a weekly basis. Violation to this regulation, can lead to severe consequences, especially for international students.

See What is a 1099 Contractor? for more details. 

Once fully onboarded by Knack, new Northeastern peer tutors will be paid $17/hour with opportunities for pay increases each semester through CRLA training and certification. Returning Northeastern peer tutors will be paid by Knack according to their CRLA certification level. Northeastern Peer Tutoring will share the CRLA status of all returning Northeastern Peer Tutors with Knack prior to hiring.

When you have been cleared by Knack to become a Northeastern Peer Tutor, email to be added to our CRLA Level 1 Tutor Training and Certification Canvas Course (this is a FREE no credit bearing hybrid course). For more information, see CRLA Tutor Training and Certification.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Northeastern Tutoring on Knack has been approved as a F-1 on-campus employer. Contact OGS to ensure you will be able to work as a 1099 contractor before applying to tutor. See Sponsoring International Students for more information..