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Northeastern Peer Tutoring has partnered with Knack. A company that understands the Northeastern culture and aligns with the fundamental principles, standards, and traditions of Peer Tutoring at Northeastern; striving to create rich, purposeful, and meaningful experiences for both the tutors and the tutees. Starting in Fall 2023, the peer tutoring services at Northeastern University will be offered via Knack – a leading peer tutoring platform enabling our undergraduate students from across the Northeastern network to learn from one another. All Northeastern peer-to-peer tutoring services offered on the Knack platform will continue to be FREE to undergraduate students currently enrolled in courses seeking tutoring assistance. Northeastern Peer Tutoring on the Knack platform will offer 1-on-1 and small group tutoring in-person (when available) and online for all undergraduate courses offered each semester. Our goal is to create synergy among students, faculty, and tutors where the student’s academic and professional growth and development is a priority.

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College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA) Certified in all 3 Levels

Northeastern Peer Tutoring is a CRLA certified program in all 3 levels; internationally recognized for meeting the high and rigorous standards set by CRLA for tutor selection, training, and direct service provided to tutors and students alike. We pride ourselves on this certification, and are happy to offer all 3 levels of CRLA training to Northeastern Peer tutors who register through Knack!

CRLA Certification boosts learning competency, expertise, and confidence in tutors in and out of the classroom, provides structured leadership training and opportunities, and is linked to a pay increase at each level

Learn more about CRLA certification

Find a Northeastern Peer Tutor on Knack

Are you looking for support in any of your Northeastern undergraduate courses? Through Knack’s official partnership with Northeastern, you have the opportunity to connect with highly qualified Northeastern Peer Tutors for free! Learn more about the process below!

Apply to become a Northeastern Peer Tutor on Knack!

Do you want to help your peers succeed? Do you have a cumulative GPA over a 3.0? Are you passionate about Northeastern undergraduate courses you have taken and received an A or A- as a final grade? Then apply to become a Northeastern Peer Tutor! Earn $17/hour with unlimited earning potential, tutor any course in which you’ve received an A- or higher, and build crucial learning and leadership skills by helping fellow Northeastern students.

Please visit our Application & Hiring Process Page to learn more.

Benefits of Knack Partnership Include:

  • Scale up the peer tutoring operations without compromising the quality of peer tutoring services
  • All undergraduate Northeastern Students (with a Northeastern email)
  • All undergraduate Northeastern courses
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Provide peer-to-peer tutoring to undergraduate students across the global Northeastern network on one platform
  • Increase accessibility and equity of tutoring services
  • Peer tutoring services delivered on the Knack platform will remain FREE to Northeastern undergraduate students
  • Knack peer tutoring services is a resource to aid student academic success through the support of their Northeastern peers

CRLA Tutor Certifications & Awards

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Northeastern Peer Tutors at NEPTA

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