Become a Peer Tutor

A great leadership and resume building opportunity

Becoming a Peer Tutor is a great on-campus part-time employment opportunity for qualified Northeastern undergraduate students.

It is also a great leadership and resume building opportunity that offers a rewarding community-building experience . It allows for flexibility; tutors set their own work schedule.

Northeastern undergraduate students who meet the qualifications are encouraged to apply to become peer tutors on Knack. First year students, transfer students, and native modern language speakers (ARAB, CHNS, FRNH, GRMN, HBRW, ITLN, JPNS, PORT, RSSN, and SPNS) can apply during their second semester at Northeastern.

We are also recruiting students who have attended Oakland, NUin (all sites), and London or any other site in England.

The first step to becoming a peer tutor is completing the Peer Tutor Application process on Knack via this link: If you meet the minimum qualifications and have listed courses we are seeking, you will be contacted by Knack support to setup your tutoring profile on the Knack platform.

Recruitment is ongoing however, the peak recruiting periods are at the beginning and end of each academic semester.

Do you want to help your peers succeed? Do you have a cumulative GPA over a 3.0? Are you passionate about NU courses you have taken and received an A or A- as a final grade? Then apply to become a Northeastern Peer Tutor on Knack!  

Please visit our Application & Hiring Process page to learn more.

  • Must be a current undergraduate Northeastern student with a Northeastern GPA 
  • At least a 2nd semester freshman or 2nd year student 
  • Must have a GPA of at least 3.00 or higher 
  • Must have received an A- or higher in the courses you wish to tutor  
  • Must qualify to work in the U.S.A
Recruitment: Faculty & Advisors’ Recommendation Form

Requested: Tutor Recommendations!

Northeastern Peer Tutoring encourages faculty and academic advisors to recommend undergraduate students who have taken their courses and/or their advises who are qualified to become Northeastern peer tutors on Knack. As faculty and advisors submit their respective Recommendation Form, Knack’s Operations Team will reach out to these students to gauge their interest and assist them to create a Knack Tutor Account and begin tutoring. 

  1. Knack Tutor Professor Recommendation Form 
  2. Knack Tutor Advisor Recommendation Form