Name: Sonia Deb

Major: Economics and Business Administration

What courses do you tutor? Principles of Microeconomics, Macroeconomic Theory, Calculus for Business/Econ, Business Statistics

How long have you been tutoring? Since February 2023

What is your CRLA Level? Working towards CRLA Level 1 Tutor Certification

How have you represented PTP? I’ve represented PTP as a welcoming, helpful program that guides students in the right direction. My goal is to make students feel comfortable around me in order for me to access areas in which I can assist them best.

How has PTP impacted you? PTP has promoted my growth as a teacher and as a learner. By explaining concepts to my tutees, I improve not only their understanding but my understanding as well. I feel that I have become more knowledgeable in the areas that I tutor. Furthermore, my favorite aspect of tutoring is building up the confidence of my tutees. It is very rewarding to see them progressively grasp more and more material, strengthening their comprehension and application.

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