Name: Ananya Radhakrishnan

Major: Computer Science

What courses do you tutor? CS-2500, CS-2510, BIOL-2301

How long have you been tutoring? I have been tutoring since May 2022.

What is your CRLA Level? CRLA Level 1

How have you represented PTP?

I became a tutor because I was a tutee when I was a first-year and my tutor left a great impact on me, so I wanted to leave a positive impact on others as well. I aspire to be a tutor that empathizes with the student and helps boost their confidence so they will be able to succeed in the class outside of our sessions.

How has PTP impacted you?

PTP has impacted me tremendously; it has allowed me to be able to communicate my thoughts effectively with a diverse range of students, as well as learn from my mistakes along the way. It has allowed me to be more comfortable in teaching certain concepts, adapt to different learning styles, and use patience when needed.