Name: Diya Shivdasani

Major: Business Administration

What courses do you tutor?

BUSN-1101, BUSN-1102, MATH-1231, ECON116

How long have you been tutoring?

I have been Tutoring since Spring 2022.

What is your CRLA Level?

I am CRLA Level 1 Certified

How have you represented PTP?

I have represented the Peer Tutoring Program by trying to do everything in my capacity to help my tutees understand/clear their doubts, and help them exceed in the subjects they are struggling with. I give them studying tips and tricks and also advice on how they should prepare for the exam, and avoid anxiety.

How has PTP impacted you?

The Peer Tutoring Program has changed me as a person, by helping me build my communication skills. It has also taught me to develop patience and learn how to balance my time.