Tutor of the Month: Douglas Dwyer

Major: Computer Science and Physics

What courses do you tutor? MATH-2321, CS-1800, CS-2500

How long have you been tutoring? Since January 2022

What is your CLRA Level?  I am currently a peer tutor in training, but have completed all requirements to become CRLA Level 1 Certified at the semester’s end.

How have you represented PTP?

Over the course of this semester, I have delivered hands-on, interactive tutoring sessions that emphasize conceptual learning as opposed to memorization. As a PTP tutor, I meet with students to help them build intuition for the formulas and procedures that they learn in class, so that they are better able to apply them on homework and exams. In all of my sessions, I work to foster a positive environment for intellectual growth, so that tutees come away understanding both the “how” and the “why” of their courses. In doing so, I further PTP’s mission of academic/professional growth for tutees – tutees gain critical thinking skills and key study habits for future success.

 How has PTP impacted you?

PTP provides a wonderful outlet for me to connect with others over the subjects that I love so much. I’m incredibly enthusiastic about all of the courses which I tutor, and through PTP I get the opportunity to discuss them with others on a frequent basis. It’s a joy to dig deeper into the intuition behind a certain theorem, or examine an alternate way of solving a problem – put simply, tutoring is fun for me! In addition, working with tutees has enhanced my communication abilities and organizational skills.

Student Testimonial:

“Douglas was very knowledgeable and good at explaining. Great tutoring experience. Very kind and helpful, and enthusiastic!”