Tutor of the Month: Nikita Murli

Major: Cell and Molecular Biology

What courses do you tutor?

BIOL1111, CHEM1161, BIOL2301, BIOL1112, CHEM1101

How long have you been tutoring? Since Fall 2020

What is your CLRA Level? CRLA Level 1 

How have you represented PTP?

I try my best to come up with practice questions, concept maps, and new test-taking strategies to increase confidence.

 How has PTP impacted you?

Becoming a peer tutor has been extremely rewarding and I am so grateful for the opportunity. Moreover, tutoring sessions have been a great way to enhance my understanding and retention of biology and chemistry concepts. I have also really enjoyed the mentorship aspect of tutoring and helping students find the right resources to navigate course registration.

Student Testimonial: “Nikita allows me to visualize information in different ways and she teaches me how to make sense of information more deeply. She is a great tutor and an amazing resource!”